Some people grow uncomfortable when talking about mental illness, especially if it involves a loved one. The idea of someone not being able to fully control his or her behaviors can be difficult to decipher. When a loved one is hit with mental illness, some people are very supportive, while others become distant and confused. This is normal because not everyone can grab a hold of the fact that those with mental illness have trouble controlling some of their everyday lives.

The Effect of Mental Illness on Others
When people are not used to being surrounded by others with mental illness, they tend to grow cautious and sometimes push themselves away from that person. This should not be seen as an act of selfishness or ignorance because some people simply do not know how to react around someone with these kinds of specific struggles.

It is important for people to find healthy ways to support a loved one during their time of difficulty. It does not always mean constantly being around them or being physically there. By showing interest in his or her wellbeing, the comfort level regarding mental illness could increase just because you are giving it a chance. By showing you care, there is a chance for positive change.

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