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Sandra Yuen MacKay

Sandra Yuen MacKay is an author, artist and public speaker on recovery. Her memoir "My Schizophrenic Life: The Road to Recovery from Mental Illness" was published in 2010. She received the 2012 Courage to Come Back Award in British Columbia and the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal for her achievements and advocacy work.

Living the Dream by Sandra Yuen MacKay

“There is nothing impossible to him who will try.” – Alexander The Great

Believing in one’s abilities goes a long way, but it’s taken me over thirty years to arrive in a place where I feel positive about my life and somewhat in control of the thoughts and ideas in my head, which once drove me to bizarre behaviour, destructive tendencies, rages, depression, fear and distrust.

Let me start closer to the beginning of this story. I am of Chinese descent and was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. In 1979, I was a shy, impressionable teenager. I began to hear voices outside my home, in the car and through the ventilation system at school. For months, I believed I was being watched and followed. These ideas expanded to a point that I believed my parents and students at school were trying to hurt and torment me which drove me over the edge. At fifteen, after a year of growing psychosis and increasing hallucinations, I was hospitalized and diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. After three months, I was discharged and returned to school.

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