Imagine having the same thoughts in your head or seeing the same visions in your head, over and over again. Now imagine experiencing this when you’re supposed to be sleeping. This happens to many people who live with mental illness and happened to me.

I remember always having to sleep with the radio on or I would have nightmares. The radio always “tuned” our my parents’ arguments and I could sleep. Not realizing I may have developed PTSD, I still had to sleep with the radio on even after I moved out of the house or I would have the same dreams over and over again. This was the case for 9 years after moving out.

I had a lot of negativity in my life and basically fed the PTSD; a zillion thoughts in my head constantly, lack of sleep, anxious and not happy.

Within the last year, I have eliminated the negativity, triggers are not as bad and I sleep a lot better now.

I participated with the One Brave Night for CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health) and was a huge success. I found this fundraiser is very important as there are a lot of people living with mental illness who have sleep issues. As people need their sleep, those living with mental illness feel alone and lost.

This fundraiser was to spread the mental health awareness and raise funds for mental health care.

One Brave Night was an experience I’ll never forget and would gladly do it again!!!

One Brave Night - CAMH

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