Personal Ways I Cope – HOBBIES

To Help Me With My Panic Attacks About Death, I have found over the years hobbies / projects that help me cope also along with the page “panic attacks – coping”.

I like to do things that make me happy and I do love a continuous hobby that I can keep adding to after many years of starting it 😀

1. I love keeping a personal diary that I don’t tell ANYONE the feelings, ideas, thoughts in it, it’s my personal escape – I write on here but not every single thought in my head, idea etc. My diary will always be 10000% personal to me 😀

It helps me release stress, fear, any type of emotion I have been bottling up and keeping from others, it’s my way to let it all out. I have got around 8 diaries from over the years, and every now and then I like to read through them and laugh at what I use to write when I was a 10/11 year old 🙂

2. Memory boxes

I love to keep things that have a sentimental meaning to me – that be a necklace to a transport ticket – everything in my memory box means something to me and has a story behind it 🙂 I hope to show the generations to come in my family one day, it’s a way I found was a good way to cope – it helps me look back and re-visit the memories behind the story, weather it be sad or exciting. I think having different emotional items in your memory box is always a good thing as it’s a healthy balance of emotions then. My diaries are also kept in the memory boxes – soon I think I will need to get another box as the two boxes I have at the moment seem to be getting rather full – 20 years of memories in these 2 boxes.

3. Photo albums

I love to print off photos and pop them into a photo album – I love to look through pictures and see what my old house use to be like or what my family members use to look like in the 80’s / 90’s 🙂

I like to look back on the photos of members of the family that are no longer with us on earth and think about the good memories I have with them

I like to print off photos because I don’t trust technology 100%, no one will ever know when technology will go wrong, meaning you would loose amounts of memories etc. I couldn’t even think how devastated how upset I would be if I lost all my photos, yes you have the memories in your head & heart but as we all get older memories tend to fade, so I love to be able to look through physical albums without the risk of loosing them from a glitch and reminisce about the day the photo was taken.

I look forward to when they arrive so i’m able to organise them into a photo album, and of course they will need to be in certain orders too! 🙂

 My little task For Readers 😉

My little task for you guys is to have a think of what memories you don’t want to loose, this could be photos off a social account you hold, photos on your computer / phone or other device, or little memories you have in your room such as tickets from somewhere you went to visit 🙂 reate a scrap book of these memories, write next to the item what the item / photo is and where it’s from etc, this will keep you occupied, and you never know in the future you could look back through this and relive the memories it holds for you

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