My story is really not for the faint harted.. I am 18 years old btw.. I was diagnosed when I was 17.. So last year in the middle of the year I became really manic, I was running in the street naked at 2 in the morning, I was arrested for public indecency  on more than one occasion, I tried to steel a stop sign and I did’t sleep at all.. So during that time I started doing drugs and drinking and it was really bad.. But for some reason my mom and dad was to busy with their own lives that they did’t realize that there was something really wrong with me..

So after my manic phase I came crashing down hard into depression.. I started cutting myself just to make the pain stop for a minute or two.. That was my only escape from the pain.. I started to have problems at school they sent me to the school psychologist but after a few sessions she said she can’t help me I need professional help..  So my mother took me to my psychiatrist Dr Brendan Belsham he has been my doctor for 9 years he was treating me for ADD since I was 9.. He first diagnosed me with Major Depression.. After that I started hearing voices at first they were soft but it got worse and on 18 November 2013 I had my first suicide attempt by cutting my wrist so that I bleed out.. But a family member found me in time and took me to the hospital.. After that I went back to Dr Belsham and I told him about the voices he then put me on different medication but nothing seem to work so I was sent to a Psychiatric hospital for three weeks.. And there I was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 Disorder with psychosis.. I was on  zyprexa epilim and limictin it went good for a while and in April 2014 I got manic again I told Dr Belsham that he was crazy and on drugs and that he wants to kill me.. he obivously changed my medication to stabilize my mood.. Then in May 2014 I hit rock bottom again and had my second suicide attempt by taking a overdose of zyprexa and cutting my wrist to the bone.. All I remember is my 28 year old brother picking me up and his voice.. I was rushed to hospital.. I was in hospital for four days and after that I went to Dr Belsham and off to yet another mental hospital for 7 weeks.. When I came back home Dr Belsham took me off of all my medication and put me on seroquel and I am doing great on the seroquel.. He added Urbanol for my sleep a week ago.. But during this time I was and still am seeing my Psychologist Dr Johan Ferreira

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