Learn and follow best practices when handling employee mental health issues to make accommodation as easy as possible on both the employee and your organization

Date: Oct 14, 2014
Time: 12 — 1 pm ET
Cost: $69

The statistics on employees suffering from mental health issues is staggering. Therefore, dealing with these issues has become a hard reality for most employers. The objective of this session is to appreciate that although there may be unique issues associated with accommodating mental health, it is not any more difficult than dealing with other accommodation requests. It takes sensitivity, awareness, and co-operation.

Attend this session to learn about the law with respect to the duty to accommodate and undue hardship, the multi-party role involved in accommodation, and what medical information you can request. Even more importantly, gain valuable advice and tips on how to manage these accommodation issues in your workplace.

PRESENTER: Krista Siedlak, Turnpenny Milne

Krista Siedlak has been fortunate enough to dedicate a large part of her practice to the proactive side of human resource law trying to build healthier workplaces. She has conducted engaging training programs on a broad range of topics, including respect in the workplace, managing challenging employees, or the duty to accommodate.

Krista has also worked extensively in the field of workplace investigations and workplace audits on a myriad of issues, including harassment and bullying complaints, alleged code of conduct violations or fraud and theft cases. More recently, Krista has been involved with employers post-investigation to try to repair damaged work groups.

She speaks and writes frequently, including the Human Resources Professionals Association, Ontario Bar Association and Osgoode Hall Professional Development. She has been described as an engaging and highly rated speaker.


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