Written by: Neely

As a 24 year old female who has endured, suffered and been at the mercy of ill mental health I am inspired by campaigns by charities such as, Mind, Re-Think, and B-eat to talk. Having experienced discrimination, ignorance and stigma throughout my own struggles I truly believe that it is time to talk in order to reduce these negativities surrounding not only the topic of mental health, but also for those experiencing it.

Through diagnosis after diagnosis I remain in recovery for a disorder best described as somewhere between Borderline Personality Disorder and a Dissociative Disorder. In my time I have conquered my 5 year battle with Bulimia and am taking my final steps out of 3 years of Anorexia.

It has been almost 10 years of enduring mental ill health for me and my entire time in doing so has been swamped with sincere shame. It is time to change.

I have been to the depths of despair with suicidality and made attempts, binged until I could no longer walk and purged until I’m faint. I’ve starved until almost falling, succumbed to the confusion of hearing voices and dissociated to realise I’m being detained by police before resorting to self harm because I was so lost, confused and overwhelmed. The worst of this though is around me; during all of this I have seen and felt the impact of discrimination, ignorance and stigma. It has to stop.

My aim is to raise awareness about the conditions that I know from experience as well as the effects of mental ill health in general whilst helping to educate those suffering and those who know of another’s suffering. I will use my voice for those who haven’t yet found theirs.

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