APRIL 29, 2014

Canadian singer-songwriter and internationally recognized humanitarian Bruce Cockburn, is lending his voice to suicide prevention by partnering with the Collateral Damage Project. The Order of Canada recipient is releasing a video calling for a dialogue on suicide. To view the video, go to

“I’m very pleased to be able to offer my support to the vital work of the Collateral Damage Project. I urge everyone who cares about their fellow human beings to do the same” says Bruce Cockburn. “Not talking about it isn’t working.”

The Collateral Damage Project’s vision is to create a pro-active dialogue on suicide through a book and exhibit of images and stories of those who have lost loved ones and friends to suicide. Further, we advocate for changes to curriculum, policy and legislation on how suicide is talked about. Most recently, the Northern Ontario School of Medicine announced curriculum-based training for medical students because of the advocacy of the Collateral Damage Project.

“Having Bruce Cockburn come forward to lend his name to our work and suicide prevention will go a long way in breaking stigma and starting much needed conversations” says Scott Chisholm, Founder of the Collateral Damage Project. “We are very proud and honoured to have Bruce as part of our team.”

“Not talking about it is not working” were the words that drew me to the Collateral Damage project,” says Susan Aglukark, three time JUNO Award winner and Advisory Board member with the Collateral Damage Project. “We all need help when it comes to healthy dialogue around the issue of loss in general but loss due to suicide has rendered us utterly and emotionally deficient and unable to bridge the gap, the work Scott is doing is a critical element in the direction of creating healthy dialogue and healthier grieving and closure processes, it is my pleasure to be a part of Scott’s Collateral Damage project.”

We are grateful for the financial contribution from Vince Mirabelli of Re/Max Reality that made this video possible.

About Bruce Cockburn:
Bruce Cockburn has always been a restless spirit. Over the course of four decades, the celebrated Canadian artist has released 31 albums, won 12 JUNO Awards, is an Officer of The Order of Canada and traveled to the corners of the earth out of humanitarian concerns—often to trouble spots experiencing events that have led to some of his most memorable songs. “Going up against chaos, even if it involves grave risks, can be necessary to get closer to the truth.”

About the Collateral Damage Project
Founded by Scott Chisholm, the Collateral Damage Project works to prevent suicide by stomping stigma, creating proactive dialogue and pushing for gatekeeper training. With open communication at its heart, the project will include a touring gallery exhibition and book (both depicting portraits of those “left behind” by a loved one’s suicide), a number of annual fundraising events and local, national and international speaking appearances by Chisholm and members of the advisory team, some of Canada’s most respected and recognized musicians, athletes and doctors. In 2012, the Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health honoured Chisholm with a prestigious Champions of Mental Health Award. For more information, visit

About the Production of the Video
A big thank you goes out to the production team. The Bruce Cockburn video was produced and directed by Michelle Derosier of Thunderstone Pictures. Writing by Shelley Jacobson of Killer Copy 4U. Camera and sound done by Sarah Furlotte and Josh de Haan of 48th Parallel Productions. Edited by Michelle Derosier and Dave Clement of Thunderstone Pictures and Sarah Furlotte and Josh de Hann of 48th Parallel Productions.

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