Is work important?

Being able to work is important to many people, although this might be for a variety of reasons. The right to meaningful employment is a fundamental component of life in a healthy and democratic community. Working for a living can bring a sense of dignity and self-worth. Having a job provides a feeling of contributing to, and belonging to, the community. When we go to work, we have opportunities to meet and socialize with others, such as co-workers, those we share transportation with, those we meet while having a lunch or coffee break. By understanding your own motivation for work, you can identify some of the benefits you expect work to provide. When starting a job searching process, it helps to begin by discovering what would make work a valuable experience for you personally.

Working can make it easier to have a comfortable life. When we work, we earn money that pays for the things we need for living day-to-day. While a regular pay check does not always mean financial independence, it does help to develop the self-esteem that comes from knowing you have some control over your lifestyle. Working also provides opportunities to grow, to learn and to try out new skills and abilities. Altogether, work can make community life a more satisfying experience. In some cases, work can make living with a mental health problem easier to handle. It can even become part of a healing process.

At the same time, work can be stressful, can leave you with little time for other activities or outside interests and can lead to aggravation of other problems you may have. This calls for careful stress management. This workbook will provide some strategies for handling the difficulties, as well as tips on making your entry into the workforce a smooth one.

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