This was written by someone very close to me who lives with mental illness. I see what it’s like for them to develop anxiety and panic just because they have to go out the door or when it comes time to write an email. I see first hand how isolating mental illness can be, by family and friends and themselves…like they say, it’s lost freedom.

People need to know living with mental illness IS NOT a choice.

Imagine what it would be like if your freedom was suddenly taken away for what seemed like no reason. You could no longer walk out of your home (sometimes even into the next room in your home). You couldn’t go shopping or just drive or walk down the street. Everything looks unreal and you feel unreal. That is just a small description of what it is like to live with a panic, anxiety, depression disorder w/agoraphobia. Your freedoms, as the outside world knows them, are gone without rhyme or reason. I would not wish it on my worst enemy.

~ Anonymous

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