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Hi Anita, thank you for your message. I visited your website looks really informative and like it’s filled with great information and stories. I particularly liked the article on PSR factor’s affecting workplace environment.

I can certainly sympathize with your situation personally – it sounds like I could relate. Good luck with the site, your doing very important work. I am sure you make a lot of people feel less alone.

Kevin T
Mental Health Professional
Hamilton, Ontario

Hi Anita,
Thanks for reaching out. I very much admire what you have taken on to help others. I took a quick peek at the site, and I could definitely contribute something.
About 8 years ago, I released a book about my recovery from panic disorder, and am currently a volunteer speaker with an award-winning community group here in Durham Region called TAMI (Talking About Mental Illness).

Hope you’re taking good care of yourself while being such a wonderful support 🙂
Talk to you soon,
Counsellor, Speaker, Author, Reiki Practitioner
Whitby, Ontario

Hi there Anita,

Great to connect here. I live in Toronto.

Your website is great. I like that you’re focusing on personal stories – that’s what families need, and are rare to find. Thank you, also, for sharing your story. I’m happy to share an article on your blog. Feel free to choose which one you’d like to share from my site. =) We’ll move forward from there.

Kind Regards,
Mental Health Advocate

Hi Anita,

Thank you for your interest in my article! Yes, you have my permission to add my article to your site. It feels good to be able to help others through my experiences. What sort of posts would you be looking for? The site your creating is very informative and I would love to write some more posts.

Thank you again,

Ottawa, Ontario

Hello Anita,
Thanks for your message, and for sharing your story.

Your website will certainly help dispel some of the myths and misinformation around mental illness. I look forward to visiting and you are certainly welcome to use my other public work.

Best wishes on your journey,
Mark Henick
Mental Health Advocate
Non-Government Director, Board of Directors – Mental Health Commission of Canada
Counsellor – Canadian Mental Health Association – Toronto Branch
Toronto, Ontario

Please use the story/video however best it will help. I’ll check the site out! So glad to see people taking action!

There is such a misunderstanding when it comes to OCD as well. It’s so hard to get it across in a way people can relate to. I applaud you so much for doing what you can and more to better the lives of those you love, and bringing knowledge where there isn’t much.

Al Pascarelli
Norwalk, CT, United States

Love this site, amazing job you’re doing Anita! I love that you are not the one who suffers, but you’re doing it because of people you love who are suffering. So amazing. The world needs you. I’d love to write for your site.

Emily Aube

I’m glad to see this project.

Derek J. Soto

Thank you for your work!

Darren Wagner

Thank you very much for your interest in the Canadian Mental Health Association and the work you have done to further mental health awareness.

Kathryn Lanza
Intensive Case Management and Concurrent Disorders

I think your website is fantastic and I look forward to reading about all the stories from people with the different types of disorders. The immediate kinship you feel with others who have dealt with mental health issues is quite an experience.

Paul Nguyen

Its those little things you understand that makes the difference

Jamie Fletcher

Keep up the amazing work. You are making such a huge difference in this world.

Kelly Risbey

Thanks for your email and your interest in volunteering with Partners for Mental Health. And for the great work that you do in support of mental health and people with mental health problems or illnesses.

PJ Vankoughnett-Olson
Director, Volunteer Services and Stakeholder Relations
Partners for Mental Health

It looks like you do some fantastic work! It is wonderful that you are sharing your extensive research and knowledge with others! I am honored to have you as part of our campaign!

Rebecca Wagner
Regional Online Team Leader Manager
Healthy Minds Canada, Bell Let’s Talk Campaign

Tremendous mental health advocacy here by Mental Illness – Do You Know and associates; bravo!
You are doing important work to help many with their recovery!

David Susman PhD
Clinical Psychologist, Educator, Mental Health Advocate
Lexington, Kentucky USA