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In The Workplace

Work Under Pressure – Neil Moon

Work Under Pressure centres on the personal story of Neil Moon who was so severely bullied by co-workers that he attempted suicide and suffered a breakdown that kept him out of work for 5 years. Neil wants to share his experience as widely as possible to highlight the issues around stress and other mental health issues. Also in the film are experts from Restore and Root & Branch, mental health charities in Oxfordshire who helped Neil in his recovery.

Mental Health is a serious issue for businesses and people alike and it needs to be tackled. As one of our interviewees says if one in 6 employees had an accident at work in any one year there would be an outcry but because its mental health nothing’s being done…
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Anxiety and Panic at Work

Written by: http://www.allinyourhead.co.uk/


Most attacks I can deal with these days,the thoughts the slight physical symptoms , they are ok…well not ok, but I’ve learned how to cope over time if you know what I mean.

The problem I get is when that huge sensation comes on and I don’t feel comfortable enough to tell anyone what is going on. Because of the dependency I built up with those closest, work is not the kind of place where you want to be crying and clinging onto someone your not at all comfortable with !
How do you tell them???

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Living With Depression is a Full-Time Job

Being broke and having depression go hand-in-hand. I’m really sick of it. Even if money can’t buy happiness, it can buy basic necessities like food and shelter. It’s pretty hard to be happy without those things. I need more money, but my symptoms of depression make finding a job really difficult.

While the average person in their twenties focuses on building a resume, I’ve been focused on surviving my depression. Instead of attending post-secondary school, I’ve been in depression treatment, learning about my own experiences and how to cope in everyday life. Living with depression is a full time job.

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Steps to Employment

Is work important?

Being able to work is important to many people, although this might be for a variety of reasons. The right to meaningful employment is a fundamental component of life in a healthy and democratic community. Working for a living can bring a sense of dignity and self-worth. Having a job provides a feeling of contributing to, and belonging to, the community. When we go to work, we have opportunities to meet and socialize with others, such as co-workers, those we share transportation with, those we meet while having a lunch or coffee break. By understanding your own motivation for work, you can identify some of the benefits you expect work to provide. When starting a job searching process, it helps to begin by discovering what would make work a valuable experience for you personally.

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Returning to Work – Realistically

When Laura returned to work after eight weeks on leave after a severe depression, she found that very little had changed; not the pace, nor the lack of control over her work environment, and certainly not the responsibilities or expectations. According to Laura, “the hours were out of control and for someone who’s experiencing mental illness, working long hours is very unhealthy.”

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Police Chief Bill Blair ordered to investigate Toronto police suicides

Aug 28 2014

Blair has been asked to report to police board chair Alok Mukherjee about recent officer suicides, but the information gleaned may never be made public.

The chair of the Toronto Police Services Board is demanding answers from Police Chief Bill Blair, after the suicides of two Toronto cops in less than four months.

Early last week, board chair Alok Mukherjee wrote to the chief asking for a full report into the hanging deaths of Const. Clinton Cibulis, 34, and Sgt. Richard “Buck” Rogers, 45, by Friday.

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Employers to look at Canadian workplace mental health

The Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) has announced plans to partner with more than 25 employers on a three-year research project aimed at driving uptake of the world’s first National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.

The Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) has announced plans to partner with more than 25 employers on a three-year research project aimed at driving uptake of the world’s first National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.

Launched a year ago, the voluntary Standard offers a framework of tools for employers to promote mental health and prevent psychological harm.

“On any given week, roughly half a million Canadians will miss work due to a mental health problem or illness,” said Louise Bradley, MHCC president and chief executive officer.

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